Global Security Intelligence Company Improves Test Automation Productivity by 50% through AI-Driven Testing using iHarmonyTM AI Platform

Our client simplifies and enhances security operations by unifying access control, alarms and event management with real-time workflow using machine learning and automation. It was in need of a powerful testing solution that could automate dashboards testing by drilling up and down on various graphs, reports, legends, and tiles and validate data on the UI against the database.

Innominds leveraged iHarmonyTM AI platform to augment the automation of 8 dashboards with 925 Scenarios and 9397 Actions.

Download this case study and know how the client gained

  • 80% reduction in test lifecycle time
  • 50% increase in test automation scripting productivity
  • 80% reduction in test maintenance effort
  • 85% improvement in automation coverage

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