Get your Products to Market Quickly with Flawless Device Experiences

Use our modern test automation platform for 10x acceleration and E2E support from test planning to test execution

Unified platform for connected devices testing

Provides support for device-specific automation


  • Enables faster releases for Android OEMs
  • Supports Android and iOS Mobile applications
  • Validates across subsystems like Connectivity(LTE, 5G, Wifi, BT), Multimedia and more

Embedded & IoT Devices

  • Pre-built automated tests for Hardware validation
  • E2E test coverage from Device to Cloud and vice versa
  • Easy integration of 3rd party tools and applications


  • CAN J1939, CAN J2539 standards validation
  • ECU Simulator integration
  • FOTA/SOTA testing

iHarmonyTM Embed

One-stop-shop Test Harness for all your embedded QE needs.
Intuitive UI that lets even business users create, manage and execute test plans.

Test Case Management System

Manage all your test cases in one place

  • Test plan creation
  • Test cases development and review
  • Test run schedules
  • Test execution metrics and reports
Test Case Management System

Asset Management

Test multiple devices with

  • Device onboarding and management
  • Customer onboarding and management
  • User management

Deployment Management

  • Upload the builds
  • Flash builds to multiple devices in one go
  • Deploy remotely via FOTA/SOTA


  • Get in depth analysis of the test metrics with visualizations
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Holistic status view of multiple devices

Remote Troubleshooting

  • Debug easily with an user-friendly interface to login into remote machine shell
  • Remotely enable log for the host machine to read the agent logs

Offline Data Storage

The platform saves the data in the host machine in case of network loss and sends the data back to the server once the connection is re-established

Integration with benchmarking and conformance tools

Achieve market-ready certification testing for go/no-go decision making in short release cycles

Jumpstart your test automation journey with
iHarmonyTM Embed

Monitor multiple product lines

Track the progress of test cycles of new product releases and maintenance cycles of existing products from a single portal

Remote device testing

Test devices across geographies in real-time directly from your web browser so that your release cycles can continue as planned despite unanticipated events

Parallel execution

Run tests across different host machines for various test plans simultaneously on multiple devices and reduce test cycle times exponentially

Pre-automated scenarios

Get reusable test cases covering the key features like Telephony, Multimedia, Camera, Thermal, Kernel, Sensors, Boot Image, and Stability


Framework agnostic

Leverage our framework developed using Pytest or integrate your existing framework built using Django, Robot, Appium, Selenium, and more

Make informed decisions

Plan upcoming releases with insights from test reports such as time taken for new device stabilization or product launch

Success Stories

Large Mobile OEM Reduces Manual Testing Efforts

Large Mobile OEM Reduces Manual Testing Efforts by 70% Achieving 2 weeks Test Cycle with iHarmonyTM Embed Test Automation Platform

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65% Increase in Test Productivity for a Pioneer in AI

65% Increase in Test Productivity for a Pioneer in AI and Computer Vision-Based Surgical Systems with iHarmonyTM Embed Test Automation Platform

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Seamless Integrations‚Äč

Orchestrate your tests and trigger pre or post actions in third-party tools
to enable true DevOps and Continuous Testing.

Accelerate your test cycles for embedded devices and solutions releases