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By 2023, embedding autonomous validation code in business software will account for between 5% and 10% of the cost of software development


The Challenge

Application release cycles are getting shorter and test environments more complex. But resources remain limited to meet the increasing QA demand and mitigate risks while trying to accelerate the pace of innovation. Conventional automated testing is often not adequate to address these QE needs currently.

The Solution

AI-led and autonomous testing is the answer According to Nelson Hall, organizations engaged in an agile and continuous testing transformation are looking at emerging automation opportunities such as AI-based automated test script creation. They are deploying automation through continuous testing approaches, AI and other cognitive technologies.

iHarmonyTM AI

AI-led test automation for diverse platforms





Legacy Applications

AI based Scriptless Test Automation

  • Create test automation scripts using simple record & playback and drag & drop low-code, no-code test script creation capabilities.
  • Modify and maintain use cases automatically in the event of any application changes with self-healing capabilities.

Unified Heterogeneous Test Execution

  • Reduce your test cycle times exponentially with parallel execution on multiple geo-locations combinations.
  • Use a single script to run a wide variety of tests across Functional, Visual, and Compatibility testing parallelly on cross-platform, cross-browser, and cross-device environments.

In-Sprint Test Automation at DevOps Speed

  • Shift Left and automate right at the development stage to minimize the rework with early defect detection.
  • Schedule and trigger scripts from CI/CD pipelines. The platform fully integrates with CI/CD tools such as Jira, Slack, Jenkins, Azure, and GitHub.

Cognitive Process Automation

  • Get superior quality with optimized testing efforts and improved test coverage by identifying high-risk test cases with iHarmonyTM WebRunner.
  • Leverage Shift Deep techniques to predict failures and unearth potential defects ahead of your releases.

Supercharge your Test Automation Needs with iHarmonyTM AI

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10x Faster

Accelerates the test life cycle by leveraging AI

  • Rapidly generates thousands of scripts, executes them, and reports the results.
  • Converts steps to test automation scripts using AI based Script less Test Automation
Complete Code Coverage
  • Creates and executes exponentially more tests than current automation.
  • Generates tests that represent real user actions.
  • Upscales tests to create UX-driven tests from API level tests.
50% Fewer Resources

The combination of ease of use and speed of the platform frees up your resources

  • Empowers each QA person with the equivalent of 100 brainpower.
  • Takes zero installation and configuration time.
  • Decreases maintenance efforts with self-healing.

Success Story

Global Security Intelligence Company Improves Test Automation Productivity by 50% through AI-Driven Testing using iHarmonyTM AI platform

iHarmonyTM AI Highlights

Service Virtualization

Enables true Continuous Engineering by simulating behaviours of components that are unavailable or difficult to access while testing


Updates scripts in case of UI changes and APIs without manual intervention, reducing test maintenance cost by 80%

Cross Platform Remote Test Execution

Integrates with Sauce labs, Browser Stack and Android Studio

Test Methodologies

Supports Keyword Driven, Data Driven and BDD test frameworks

Test Harness Generator

Data, configuration, suites, environments

Integration and Continuous Validation

Defect management, traceability, external plugins, CI/CD

iHarmonyTM AI Key Features

Seamlessly Integrates with Your Ecosystem

Achieve full stack and continuous test automation with iHarmonyTM AI